Saturday, April 27, 2002

amazingly enough i am not experiencing the leg pain i thought i would - just a little stiffness/fatigue!

i skated about 14-15 miles today. oberlin to elyria and back on the north coast inland trail (used to be rr tracks, i think) . it's been a goal of mine to skate that distance. i realize for an accomplished skater or even someone in good shape, this wouldn't be that big of a deal - but for someone who, until past year or two, was a real couch potato, it was something. i remember when a mile or two would wipe me out! this is certainly the longest i've skated. it was fun, felt good - though i was very tired by the end! i took my time - (stop and smell the roses - or perhaps more accurately, given the setting, horse manure) - stopped a couple times on the way down - think i went continuous on the way back (other than intersections) i didn't plan on doing the whole distance today, but felt relatively good, so i was able to do it. as it turns out last year when i tried to do it, i was only a mile or so from the end when i turned back! only real problem (other then sore legs/hips/knees) is i think i wasted my cell phone when i didn't close the gatorade bottle right and put it in my backpack...then stopped at the java zone for baba ghanouj and a smoothie! great afternoon...

Friday, April 26, 2002

i don't know if it was going out and drinking with an old friend, or accepting myself as being as much a nostalgic whiner (see previous post) as the next person or perhaps having the kids away at a sleep over or perhaps listening to all the great music on bbc 6 (see other previous post) or rediscovering the power of rock music (used my faculty discount to get LONDON CALLING and EXILE ON MAINSTREET on cd and have been blasting them, most recently i've listened to a lot of jazz, world, various hyphenated kinds of music, (which i still love) but straight out rock has an undeniable power) but i feel like a new person (or perhaps my old self) it's ike being temporarily free of responsibility has allowed me to feel that i don't have to be mr. perfect, but can relax and have fun

to my knowledge, the first time i've been compared, in any way, to keanu reaves

Which Action Star Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Thursday, April 25, 2002

case in point - bbc just played a. in the court of the crimson king (king crimson) b. going up the country (canned heat) c. everyday people (sly and the family stone). for you youngsters out there - 3 classics of mid 20th century music...i'd estimate having to wait 100yrs before hearing three songs in a row that cool on commercial US radio - then some zappa - later they played smashing pumpkins and then new elvis costello!!!!

today is my late class night - wish me luck!

yes, i am famous

i had a salad for lunch and picked what i thought was creamy italian dressing. instead it turned out to be caesar's dressing - in which one of the ingredients, typically is anchovies. i am pretty sure that this dressing did have anchovies in it. as a vegetarian, i don't eat meat or any fish or other sea food (other than sea weed!). things like this happen semi-regularly (the "vegetable" egg roll that contains chicken stock, the ubiquitous "natural ingredients", rennet (or other enzymes) in cheese). as a vegetarian, i am very sensitive to the taste of animal products that people that eat meat might not notice. when something like this happens, although i don't like it, i don't freak (hey, i ate meat for 40+ years). while i would not deliberately eat anything that contained fish, if it happens accidently, i don't worry about it. my efforts were sincere, as the bhagavad gita suggests one must not be attached to the outcomes of one's actions. i simply note it, try to learn from it (won't use that dressing again - if in doubt, ask, etc...) and go from there. after all, even with the occassional slip up, i am convinced my diet now is still far better (from many perspectives) than it was before - and to me that's the point - not to necessarily being obsessed about achieving "perfection". vegetarians (particularly the ones that still eat dairy/eggs/honey), must know that animals still suffer to fulfill our diets. while i firmly believe a vegetarian diet is more compassionate than a meat eating diet - not to mention a better use of resources (and a vegan diet most compassionate of all), you should not become all high and mighty and think that your lifestyle/diet does not contribute to other creature's suffering.

commercial radio here in the US stinks. any of the bbc stations are far better. they mix old and new - popular and obscure - why can't they do that on US radio? wish i could get it in my car!

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

get well jewel!

to quote somone "elvis is dead and i don't feel too good myself" - i don't know why i just don't go to be when i feel this way - instead i stay up aimlessly and waste time and end up more tired and crabby...

to quote adrian belew on king crimson's DISCIPLINE cd:
"i repeat myself when under stress."
"i repeat myself when under stress."
"i repeat myself when under stress."
"i repeat myself when under stress."
(see previous 2 posts)

well, a new day dawns - still tired, but less stressed today - i am going to veg out tonight!!!

well, a new day dawns - still tired, but less stressed today - i am going to veg out tonight!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

couple more hours b4 i get to go home - almost time to turn on the charm again!


I am 67% CANADIAN!!!

(Take the Canadian-ness test)

tough day - crabby, tired, still 2 more classes to teach (plus labs) - won't be home for another 6 hours - trying to breathe through the day as i would breathe thru Chaturanga Dandasana

this too shall pass

Monday, April 22, 2002

found this nice weblog and site i will have to add a link section soon!

hehe while this is satire from the onion - the issue of the antibiotics, hormones, etc put into aniamls used for their meat is a serious issue

is there any doubt it is a monday - yipes - heard the weather person mention the possibility of snow! egads!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2002

wow - just finished watching alias - i think THIS time sydney is done for ;-) hehe

what a great yoga class this evening! my teacher (who was very good to begin with) has really been working hard and her instruction gets better and better. i feel having a good teacher is essential to a solid yoga practice - for a number of reasons. a teacher can be a powerful motivator, can help you get the proper alignment and can challenge you. a good teacher knows when to push you and knows when to be encouraging and compassionate. while my home practice is important, the teacher provides a kind of check to keep you honest and keep you focused on a complete practice.

stopped at the library and got willie nelson's book. it reads like a blog - i.e. full of timestamped entries consisting of lyrics, jokes, random observations - but at first glance, it seems pretty cool. just think, if i ever got famous, perhaps this site would be published - and to think, you folks get to read it for free! enjoy it while there is still time ;-)

as the beat farmers would say, i'm a happy boy!

went to the used record store (for you youngster's, records are what we called them in the 20th century) and got 4 used sheryl crow cd's for less than $21 USD (including the one i lost). i believe this has exorcised most of my crabbiness and made me even forget how much the rain sucks and that i can't skate today! wah! at least yoga class tonight won't be rained out...

though i lover her band, unlike shirley manson i am NOT only happy when it rains. in fact, the 180 degree opposite. my sentiments this AM are best expressed by the following ancient poem, written by Homer, in 850 BC (i think). the poem was originally part of THE ODYSSEY (or was it THE ILIAD), but was edited out because it was already too long and boring.

go away,
come again,
some other day.

my new wallpaper. i am reading the autobiography of rock climber extraordinaire, lynn hill. although i do not personally rock climb, i have an increasing love of the outdoors and an enormous respect for those who march to the tune of their won drummer, of which ms. hill seems to be. more complete review to follow.

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