Saturday, November 09, 2002

thank you, kelly...
or, snow-plow? non. t-stop? oui!

thank to kelly's sagacious advice i made more progress today learning how to stop on ice skates than i did in previous 2 years. did a credible job trying out the t-stop. i'm sure with more practice i'll be right on the mark. as far as the snowplow, well.... anyhow, if i can at least slow down/stop one way, that's good enough. i'm guessing that's a good thing to know.

today whole family went skating, plus a neighbor girl - which brings on it's own set of challenges.youngest daughter is not very adventurous, but she's at least trying now. fortunately the monkey shines among the rink hooligans was minimal.

anyhow, afterwards, it's been an aggravating PM, getting grouchy,. thought i'd rotate my skate wheels, but couldn't find my tools and lube. was ready to throw a fit because my wife cleaned out the garage. i was sure she put my stuff somewhere. later i realized i had moved it to another place and there it was. so glad she wasn't home, otherwise i'd probably have blown my top when i thought she moved my stuff where i couldn't find it.

funny that this should come after me and stína shared thoughts on the violence in ther powerpuff girls...

daily buddhist thought (beliefnet)

If we divide into two camps--even into violent and the nonviolent--and stand in one camp while attacking the other, the world will never have peace. We will always blame and condemn those we feel are responsible for wars and social injustice, without recognizing the degree of violence within ourselves. We must work on ourselves and also with those we condemn if we want to have a real impact.

-Ayya Khema, "Be An Island"

nosferatu is one creepy movie.

Friday, November 08, 2002

olympic wrestling gold medalist and current wwe superstart kurt angle answers 10 questions about, among other things, a possible return to actual competition

from cnn breaking news
U.N. Security Council unanimously passes resolution calling for Iraq to
disarm and for weapons inspectors to return.

don't they do this every couple of weeks...

made the rounds - went to the library (picked up kansas' greatest hits (i know, i suck) along with a 3cd king crimson and nosferatu on dvd) went to blockbuster, got scooby doo and powerpuff girls along with some for the kids (hehe) scooby doo looks pretty good - saw some of it - looks kinda fun - i always suspected sugar ray was evil (ever since mark mcgrath was chongo in land of the lost)- i bet movies will be 100% cgi in the future - seeing today's attempts cool as they are will seem prehistoric

went for a skate - nice but very windy - but despite the wind never know how long til we have a day this nice again...been a while since i've been on the inlines felt good - though the wind almost stopped me at times - esp. going uphill - i just crouched depper and thought how massive my quads must be getting - on the way back, with the wind, was a giant windsail - this must be how it feels to be chris witty...

post written a few hrs back - blogger would not permit posting til now

not having to work this weekend - esp. no boring, tedious work to do - has turned me crazy ambitious. was up until 2am working on some simulations in flash - simulating a caliper. ok, 2am is not much of an all-nighter, but it is for me. then up bright and early working on tues. dotnet class. might even look at (prob not do, mind you, but look at) my last assignment for my class. maybe start looking at next semester's classes to try to improve - or maybe even begin composing my finals - as i am gone the whole weekend before for a yoga seminar, so need to be done early

on the other hand, it looks awfully nice out - so who know how long the ambition will last - but hey, did more than i thought i would...

my wife is taking good natured middle aged grey cat to the vet for a general defunkifying. the evil white cat, seeing him in the carrier, gave me a look which suggested that while she thinks this was a good start, we really ought to have gotten rid of the crazy young cat first.

i think perhaps the evil white cat needs a blog of her own...

friday five
1. Did you vote in your last elections?

2. Do you know who your elected representatives are?
some of them

3. Have you ever contacted an elected representative? If so, what was it about?
yup. a number of things. most often human rights issues..

4. Have you ever participated in a demonstration?
not that i recall.

5. Have you ever volunteered in an election? What was the result?
nope. contributed to bill bradley's campaign in 2000. he didn't win.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

p.s. oh yeah, and of course, the final jeopardy question would be in the category....vegetarian cookery!

i was reminded by wagner how in microserfs one of the characters describes roommates as what 7 jeopardy categories would describe them - for me, i think i'd go with:

in the $100 answer for yoga might be: suptapadangustasana - the question, of course: what is mike's least favorite yoga pose?

how 'bout you?

was so nice not having to attend class last nite. i decided the class i am attending is why this term seems so much tougher than last. i like the class and all, but the additional time, effort, etc...is just enough to make the difference

just get thru today and i'm home free

probably not much on the order of work this weekend - if i do anything, it'll be fun work as opposed to work work (again, modifiying the meaning of a word by repeating it)

teracher conferences for my kids tomorrow - but they are little angels, so this is not a problem - my wife works so i am going to both - my wife claims i grill the teachers, so she likes me to go. i don't "grill" them - they are my only kids and i am interested/concerned about their education...

kids are off friday too!!!

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

re: coffee and headaches

the class i attend was cancelled tonight. as an instructom myself, it's odd to remember how much glee it fills you with to have your class cancelled as a student. the funny thing is that i like my class and like the instructor. just will be nice to get home early today. might go to yoga; might not.

in related news got a 15/15 on my paper! wooo hooo!

7am breakfast meeting today - ugh - nothing is interesting at that time
someone there was wearing a very perfume-y kind of perfume that was bothering me. i am sure it was nice perfume and all and she wasn't overdoing it, but i am very sensitive to scents especially somedays. so it caused a bit of a headache. when someone left the meeting early, i slyly went to the bathroom, got more coffee and changed seats to be a bit further away from the person i thought was wearing it. it seemed to help.

it's election day here and i need to figure when i can vote - might have time after the class i am taking - might skip early on that, might skip during office hours, might skip the election (hope that's not the case...)

i have the black market case AND the cd today, so my listening is back on track...

if i can just get rid of this stinking headache...

Monday, November 04, 2002

the world cup speedskating season is starting this weekend. i found on this site a fantasy league. you have a certain amount of money and you have to form a team - each skater costs a certain amount - the better skaters cost more...i really don't know much about speedskating and in the US it gets minimal coverage. i'm sure all the other teams are much more knowledgable than me - still it looks like fun, so i picked a team - after all it's free - my team name is mikesk8z, so wish me luck and follwo my progress...

monday, monday

wanted to listen to weather report's black market this AM. unfortunately while i brought the case in, actual cd is in my home conputer. doh!

fortunately, i have reinforcements...

Sunday, November 03, 2002

ok - archives are back. the world breathes a collective sigh of relief as it has not been lost for posterity that on may 21, 2002 i bought wayne shorter's footprints live

hey, where'd my archives go?

took my daughter skating. this was the yang to the yin of thursday's quasi-meditative skate...i.e. a more boisterous affair. today there were a bunch of little hooligans - the guards really ought to be more in control. but again, it was also a good time - nice afternoon with my daughter activity - just a fun afternoon as opposed to a workout as thurs was. we went to the coffee shop afterwards and played connect 4 and she ordered herbal tea - what a little bohemian in the making - has grown up past hot chocolate

there are two kinds of youth skaters who are dangerous:

granted they beginners aren't intentionally causing trouble, still, if one of them takes you out, the knee surgery won't be any less painful. as far as the advanced skaters, being a good skater does not necessarily mean you have to be reckless - but at this rink it seems to be the case. probably just a fact of nature that it is easier to develop skills then the judgement and taste to use them appropriately. take for example, hundreds of young guitarists and singers. i suppose theoretically there could be a non-dangerous youth skater - right in the middle, who can skate, but is not yet a hotshot, but this beast has not been observed in nature in these parts yet (other than my daughter, she's an angel)...adult skaters are generally safe. lack the energy, initiative and imagination to cause too much mischief.

and by the way, can someone (kelly???) teach me to stop on these darn things...still can't get that down...

saw ghost world last night - well made film - good performances by thora birch and steve buscemi - loved the hindi film video at the beginning - was on the dvd as bonus footage. i'd be curious what anyone else thought about the movie, as i thought it was good, i am having trouble pinning down what i would describe as it's point....of course the best art is more about creating impressions, and communicating experiences as opposed to delivering hallmark card messages...i have it until next weekend so maybe i'll watch it again...

i just got a dvd player, so i'm all about dvds now. i mean there was one on the computer, but even i'm not such a techno-guy that i'm going to gather the family around the computer to watch tv. i DO wonder if my kids will tell their kids quaint stories about how primitive the internet was in 2002, which their kids will listen to unbelievingly, like i listened to my dad talk about how as a kid they would all gather around the radio, then later, the early days of tv...

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