Saturday, January 10, 2004

i am sooooo bored!

from best of jazz: 2k3 from the guardian - quote of the year:
At parties I used to talk to them [girls] about space travel and stuff instead of asking them to dance. I'd bring along Dizzy Gillespie records where they were dancing to R&B, and they'd say, 'Oh man, take that weird chicken music off!'
Wayne Shorter, JazzUK.

hmmmm - sound like anyone whose blog you might read?
no wonder shorter is a favorite...

from what is rapidly becoming a favorite site - although scofield, worst gig?! perhaps he was having a bad night, cuz he has always smoked when i saw him...

Friday, January 09, 2004

Fairvue Central >> Features >> Fourth Annual Weblog Awards

hey, write me in for the "best-kept-secret weblog". that way, if i only get a few votes, it'll prove what a well kept secret i am, or something...

new link: ::om::blog::

ok - lunch at my favorite restaurant - cafe tandoor - had excellent chana pindi (sp?) - chick peas curry - yum - and a (decidedly non-traditional) mangotini. i casually mentioned to the hostess that it was my favorite restaurant and she took us to see the tandoori ovens - where dough is gleefully tossed on the oven wall and seconds later, you have naan...wow - a field trip....

then a trip to borders - as i said before, i am rediscovering jazz. much like i went thru w/rock, i am finding great young jazz musicians not slavishly imitating the past masters - but carving their own paths... i picked up two cds - the fabulously titled Anti-Pop Consortium Vs Matthew Shipp, so far my favorite of the two and the bad plus - these are the vistas - a band i read about a while ago - then they came up again and i checked them out. the tradition of jazz is iconoclasm - and these cd's work for me...

two of my classes were cancelled, so i am teaching a multimedia class- which should be a hoot and an operating systems class - i've never taught either and it should be fun though more work...also, the web intro i am teaching has a new (better) book - so can't recycle lectures....

catching some great short movies on sundance - a great rework of little red riding hood w/christina ricci, and another couple of surreal ones. and an animated one where hip hop turntable artists seemed to save the universe from some evil, masked babies - no i'm not making this up. as far as indy films go, i tend to favor the surreal, absurd, funny over the morbid, morose, ugly...

150 rats!?!??? IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD

my neighbood infested!

hmmm, i better strike an alliance with my cats.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Welcome to eMusic

anyone know about this service?

i'm declaring today "hug your parents" day. if at all possible, hug your parents. my mom died a year ago today. my dad died several years earlier. i miss them, though in a real respect i feel they are still with me.

Yahoo! News - HP to Sell Own Version of Apple iPod Player

a cheaper version, perhaps?

my vaction (pt 2) ...and of course, i won't mention the worst of all - watching tv shows ABOUT video games...that's far too sad...

new brad mehldau also this feb... wbjazz.com

between this and new norah jones due, the extra day of february this year might be welcome!

Old School.

What kind of music are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

who said these quizzes aren't accurate?

paradoxically, the past few days have been my real winter break. there was the holidays, the kids home, projects, household chores, but all that has wound down and things are back to normal - EXCEPT i'm still not back to work - our semester starts next week, although we return for meetings, etc. (incl. my accessibility presentation). i shant bore you with what i have been doing, but suffice it to say it has included a lot of internet surfing, tv watching, candy eating, video game playing, napping along with perhaps a couple of more worthwhile activities (rediscovering jazz, yoga and reading)

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | An unnatural disaster

in case terrorism doesn't worry you enough...

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

CNN.com - Arkansas executes mentally ill inmate - Jan. 7, 2004

i can't help but wonder if we read about something like this happenin in, say, iran, what our reaction would be...

new home page: Guardian Unlimited

watching the new star wars (loved in HOW TO BE GOOD how the protaganist is confused about how to number the star wars movies), i am reminded of a great observation by someone (forget who) - how could someone as dorky as annakin skywalker grow up to be as cool as darth vder?

Norah Jones - New album on the way

perhaps the best news of the day

Anders Jacobsen's blog: Klingon rules for systems development

i'm starting to like this guy's blog!

Belief-O-Matic -- A personality quiz about your religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs - a quiz answering What Religion Am I -- Beliefnet.com

i ended up most closely matching (100%) unitarian universalist. i have attended a uu church a few times and intellectually liked it, while emotionally felt cold. the results, in a few cases, were a bit suprising (buddhism ranked lower than i would have thought, quaker higher...). the faith of my birth - roman catholic, ranked last in terms of matching my responses.

thanks to sharon

Anders Jacobsen's blog: Weapons of Math Instruction

it was surely a major threat to many of my school mates...

anyone read nick hornby's HOW TO BE GOOD?
how do you interpret the last paragraph?
i just finished it. perhaps i am a bit thick, but i'm not sure what to make of it, but i have a few thoughts...

on to ENGLAND'S DREAMING by jon savage, a great history of punk rock, if you believe the reviews...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

one of my current favorite musicians, brad mehldau, has an interesting take on the notion of being in the moment. as this is a primary tenet of yogic and buddhist philosophy and one i hold dear, it's interesting to read a different view. always love contrarians - even when they are being contrary to me!

he writes:
“Be in the moment.” — What a crock! How can I be in something like that? How long is this moment? Is it one millisecond, one minute? And then what do I do — be in the next moment? That’s a hell of a lot of moments to be in! Perhaps this is a Western misreading of an Eastern idea, that the past and future are illusions. All I know is that for myself, it’s quite the opposite: The notion of a present moment that I could somehow be ‘in’ is pure fiction. Maybe both sentiments are just two ways of expressing the same thing: our inability to catch time, to grab a hold of it.

from liner notes from his record "places" (pdf)

Wired News: We're All Mac Users Now

Monday, January 05, 2004

The Dayton Art Institute - Access Art

i am doing a presentation on web site accessibility and stumbled across this great site - this site is doubly great as it is both a cool site AND accessible...

Yahoo! News - Source: Britney to Annul Vegas Wedding

i hate to get all right wing on y'all - but as someone who has been married for 14+ years and who respects his marriage more than nearly anything, this disgusts me. shouldn't there be consequences for playing so cavalierly with such a sacred institution? britney, i fear, is just a little brat that no one ever said "no" to....

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Yahoo! News - Britney Said to Tie the Knot - But How Tight?

britney firing the first shot in the battle for the prestigious "idiot of the year - 2004" competition

great list of things to do in 2k4 from sharon

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