Friday, May 23, 2003

the two bottles of bbq sauce purchased today contain anchovies.
as ornette coleman wrote "when will the blues leave"

sorry for the lack of posts. i've been in a fairly deep funk - feeling very apatheitc - lack the motivation to do much of anything...
but anyhow - in a vain attempt to not lose my few readers - here's the last two weeks recap:

finshed - spring semester - got an A in my class - all grades in in the classes i teach...

reading - nothing (unless you count surfing pro wrestling nostalgia sites)

listening - elvis costello - armed forces - over and over

watching - oln's global extremes (might be a summit attempt today at 3:30) - also - matrix reloaded - pretty darned cool and vh1 classic (how sad is that - almost bought an elo dvd today (someone stop me))

which brings us to: newest celebrity(?) crush - (tie) oln reporter kirsten gum and global extremes participant - petit pinson

which brings us to: big shout out to: trynte young - eliminated from oln's global extremes - a show where the winners get a chance to climb everest - she was a favorite of mine but got the boot - she went on her own money and summited with a diff expedition -
while the oln crew have not yet - i believe the phrase is "you go girl"

doing - skating - new five wheel skates - pretty much look like wile e. coyote on the acme rocket powered skates now

eating - choc covered malted milk balls - which i believe have surpassed raisinettes as my candy of choice for the first time in 30+ years

working on - a simulated bacteria culture to be included in a biology class (uh - working on it - eh - in the loose sense of the term - amazingly i'm making progress despite little motivation)

start at - nasa in june for the summer

vacation: going away for the weekend next week

beer - going to try guinesses no alcohol (prescription keeping me off the real stuff)

dream: i dreamt i won 2 sweepstakes for $200K+ - seemed SOOOO real - a few times in the dream i thought, this seems like a dream - but then something convinced me it was real - argh!

cavaliers - will they get lebron - who gives a flying...

annika can golf with me anytime - what's vijay's problem - what's he afraid of?

i'm starting to think i NEED work - sad, isn't it?
oh yeah - anyone can think of something to cheer me up - now would be the time

Wednesday, May 21, 2003


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