Saturday, January 31, 2004

questions from jen

Topic: Morality & Money

1) Would you cut off your right pinkie for $million?
nope. would hamper nose picking.

2) Would you divorce your wife for $million
hmmm. US or Canadian? could i remarry her afterwards? no, of course, i wouldn't.

this in fact is my real and honest answer. however, perhaps you have noticed jen, that my wife has started reading my blog. what are you, some kinda troublemaker?

3) Would you give your house to a religious organization if they could promise you you'd go to heaven/get out of samsara, etc.?
hah, yeah, right...
no way jose

4) If you were told you had to kill an elderly (but healthy) woman or else WWIII would start and millions would die, could you do it?
hmmm - depends. is she harboring wmd in her basement? precisely what is the connection between this enigmatic old woman and wwIII? i kinda would be curious about that before i gave my final answer. of all the questions, this is the only one i even had to think about - all of the others were immediate no's. after thinking about this and pondering upon it, i can say unequivocably, that i don't have a clue. like kirk in one of the star trek movies, i'd find a loophole and cheat, saving both the woman and wwIII.

5) A man has a wife who's desperately ill but could be saved with medication. The medication is too expensive for the man to buy so he steals it and saves his wife's life. Should he be punished?
of course not. those who make medicine too expensive should be punished.

and in an amazing discovery, it was found that 70's AM soft-rockers Seals & Crofts collaborated with punk progenitors, the ramones on the album leave home


ok, ok, if you listen real close to pinhead, you can hear a mandolin strumming...

radiohead's Thom Yorke on the bbc scandal

from the article:
He now claims the BBC, from the top down, did not tell the truth. In what way? It didn't check out the story? It seems, sir, your little story about WMD didn't check out either. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him after this sustained attack on his integrity? Nobody cares about his integrity; they just want to know why we went to war against international law on weak single-source intelligence.

Guardian Unlimited | Arts reviews | Wayne Shorter, LSO St Luke's, London

Guardian Unlimited | Arts reviews | BBCCO/Wayne Shorter, Barbican, London

two reviews of wayne shorter concerts makin' me wish i was in the uk

what do kids think of classic rock

beth sounds like one perceptive little lady...

pigs on the wing - pink floyd

part 1
If you didn't care what happened to me,
and I didn't care for you,
we would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain,
occasionally glancing up through the rain
wondering which of the buggers to blame
and watching for pigs on the wing.

part 2
You know that I care what happens to you,
and I know that you care for me,
so I don't feel alone,
or the weight of the stone,
now that I've found somewhere safe
to bury my bone.
And any fool knows a dog needs a home,
a shelter from pigs on the wing.

and of course, if kraftwerk seems a bit too cold for you, try señor coconut for cha-cha versions of the teutonic classics and more!

Friday, January 30, 2004


thought of the day from tai chi class

know what is substantial; know what is not substantial. know what is your strength; know what is not your strength.

i'm lovin' this...

Yahoo! News - Ga. Official Wants to Replace 'Evolution'

from the article:
Former President Jimmy Carter had harsh words for the change on Friday, calling it an embarrassment and saying it exposes the state to nationwide ridicule.

well, not being one to disappoint pres. carter, here's some nationwide ridicule: what's next, replacing the term "21st century" with the term "18th century"?

feel free to add your own ridicule, making it indeed, nationwide, or perhaps even international.

Yahoo! News - Bush, Blair Among Nobel Nominees as Deadline Looms

what a joke...

things i got to hear because of napster (some of which admittedly , i'd have heard previously, but great to hear them again):

happier than a pig in mud...

i am starting a new semi-regular1 feature, the _monk's "that's why al gore invented the internet" site of the week ™. it will feature sites with content we never thought we needed, but now cannot live without.

the inaugral winner: ABBA Pic Of The Week

feel free to nominate your own favorites.

1 semi-regular meaning every friday until i forget or get bored with the idea - which means this is likely to be the only one

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Vanishing Act - Spalding Gray - Cover Story

very sad article about a favorite of mine. i have an autographed copy of swimming to cambodia in my office. i feel sad and angry - although i only new him from his work. i can only imagine how his friends and family must feel.

live spiritualized® from KEXP

i think the jaunty music of madness' song, our house, not to mention the wacky video, belies the emotional tone of the song - which i find to be very sad...

does anyone else find it to be sad, or am i just messed up?

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

just signed up for new and improved Napster premium.

can stream anything you want for $9.95/month?

fugged about it...

will spend the remainder of the day exploring new fave brad mehldau's back catalog.

i almost feel like i am cheating on iTunes, my other online source. i bought an alternate version of mehldau's version of radiohead's everything's in it's right place from iTunes earlier today from his forthcoming album

i also see stereolab has a new one - napster will give me the chance to check it out completely...

in other stories, i kinda like this shirt from land's end. debating ordering it...

also, at the risk of sounding like a youngster, links 2004 (xbox) is a totally awesome game. debating buying that as well - maybe i can find it used...kudos to you sir bill

i hope we have classes tomorrow; or i may go broke...

snow day!!!

Monday, January 26, 2004

The Grass so little has to do - -- Emily Dickinson

The Grass so little has to do—
A Sphere of simple Green—
With only Butterflies to brood
And Bees to entertain—

And stir all day to pretty Tunes
The Breezes fetch along—
And hold the Sunshine in its lap
And bow to everything—

And thread the Dews, all night, like Pearls—
And make itself so fine
A Duchess were too common
For such a noticing—

And even when it dies—to pass
In Odors so divine—
Like Lowly spices, lain to sleep—
Or Spikenards, perishing—

And then, in Sovereign Barns to dwell—
And dream the Days away,
The Grass so little has to do
I wish I were a Hay—

"don't speak unless you can improve upon the silence." - can't recall who said this

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