Friday, September 26, 2003

since no one seems to be reading anymore, i'll just write what i feel like:

btw:correction - SWALLOW's nests - not sparrow's nests were featured on iron chef...

i had a veg tempura lunch and a tofu appetizer - gotta try the spinach appetizer next time - very tasty - some women were at the sushi bar getting liquored up on saki - they seemed fun...i work like a dog m-th 1pm - but then, i have no more classes - i still work like a dog at home - school work for both the classes i teach and the class i take as well as work around the house - but having fridays off kind of makes friday during the day a "date night" for me and my wife - with the public schools baby-sitting! went on a spending spree at borders - a neal stephenson book re:operating sysyems (all you mac lovers out there - i'm falling in love with my notebook - know any cheap/free word processors?), a daredevil anthology comic book, never mind the bullocks it's the s** pistols (had it on vinyl - just got it on cd - the best parts have aged very well, methinks (hey, didn't i just read on someone's blog not to use the word "methinks" well, if you're reading this nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah,nyah!) also spiritualized (my new faveS) amazing grace and an issue of mental floss - it's swim suit issue featuring einstein, mao, eleanor roosevelt...

anyhow, i forget what i was posting about...


in anticipation of aliases' premiere this weekend (correct me if i'm wrong again, dan) i am watching daredevil and all the bonus footage - i am loving that movie more and more and it's interesting seeing all the behind the scenes stuff.

i saw jennifer garner on letterman last night and as with previous talk show appearances she seems like the girl next door (although, regretably, not next door to me!) rather than the butt-kicker - i mean she even looks different

i am manic today, highly caffeinated and multi-tasking like there's now tomorrow (which for robert palmer, there isn't - RIP) i am getting quite a bit done but am drinking tension tamer tea now to chill

wife and i are going to check out a new japanese restaurant - last week iron chef theme ingredient was sparrow's nest - nope, not a clever name - after researching on the internet (it's a gelatinous kind of sparrow spit - no joke) and considering the ethical implications, i concluded that this would NOT be prohibited from my diet on the basis of me being a vegetarian. it WOULD be prohited from my diet on the basis of good taste...

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

anyone who reads this probably knows that i am very technically savvy. to paraphrase barbara mandrell, i was geek before geeks were cool (uh - assuming they ever became cool). i've been a software developer for 20 years or so - and started programming in 1976. still, i find it interested that despite several attempts to "automate" my schedule/to do list, using a variety of software and even pda's - and i always end up going back to the old pen and paper. what does this say about technology that it can't solve a simple problem for a person predisposed to look for a technical solution? i suppose the luddites out there will gloat and call it a failure of technology. i disagree. remember a pen and paper are technology. a primary rule, as norm abrams from this old house would say is "use the right tool for the right job." sometimes low-tech is the right tech!

in an unrelated note, somewhere around this time 3 years ago i stopped eating meat. i am celebrating today by eating a butternut squash ravioli frozen dinner from linda mccartney's company. it is perhaps the finest frozen food ever. perhaps even the flesh eaters among us might enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

questions from jb

1) What's the last movie you saw?
depends how you score it:
in theater: matrix revisited (i think)
last new movie i've watched in it's entirety that i hadn't seen before: chicago
last movie i've watched in its entirety: undercover brother
last movie i watched big portions of: daredevil

2) Does George W. Bush know what he's doing or is he a redneck moron?
hehe - uh, i object, counselor is leading the witness.
suffice to say, as anyone has read my blog, i have issues with mr. bushes' presidency

3) Does Colin Powell believe in what he's been saying or is he being
used by the administration?

my gut feeling is that powell has issues, but is rallying behind the leader

4) Will David Blaine make it thru the 44 days of starvation?
hope so - the more this goes on, the more i am thinking the circus atmosphere is a publicity stunt

5) What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
used to be chocolate. still is, but i've added my mom's favorite, butter pecan, to my favorites. also enjoy coffee flavored ice cream from time to time

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