Saturday, July 27, 2002

in the mountain men, the brian keith character says he has never been lost, but has been "fearsome confused for a month or two". well tonight i gost lost

ok - perhaps i am taking a bit of dramatic license. you can't get too lost in sheffield lake ohio - not like you probably can in, say, montana - and after all i had my cell phone (hmmm - were the batteries charged) - but still...

i went trail running in french creek park. i have done this several times before - there are several trails in the park which twist and connect, etc and i always seem, without trying, to make it back to where i have parked - but today, as i was just about to leave the trail and expected to see the lot - i, instead, saw a road, a busy road. i thought i knew where i was, so i walked along it for a while. when i decided i was mistaken i took attempted to retraced my steps - somehow was not able to find my way back onto the trail, but did realize on which road i was... i ended up in a different park adjacent to the original one - i had a choice - take the safe, longer route, which i knew would get me where i need to be, or try to cut thru park no. 2's woods to get back to park no. 1's woods - well, you don't need to be a psychic to guess which option i took and how it turned out. i kept thinking that the path looked familiar, but to be frank, all paths thru the woods kinda look the same - i walked and walked - then realized, i was going in a circle - i thought about my hero - WHAT WOULD LANCE DO - then i realized lance is not a dumbass like me and as such, would never be in such a situation, so who knows what he'd do - but after pondering, i decided he probably would not collapse to the ground weeping or call his wife to come and try to find him ("honey, i was in the pyrenees and i think i went right, when i shoulda went left - can you come and try to look for me - you should be able to find me - i'll be the guy in the yellow"). so i made it out of park two's woods - then decided to take option 2 - the only one left - to take the longer, safe route that would take me back to where i was parked. the only issue then was the dark - the park closes at dark and they close the gates alas, i made it back in time and while i didn't kiss my tracker when i found it - i certainly thought about kissing it longer than i ever have....

part of my problem was overreacting - i mean - i knew nothing too bad was going to happen - i was not going to end up on a milk carton. absolute worst case scenarios (which admittedly were extremely unlikely) included ditching the car and calling for help (embarassing, but not life threatening - i have left my car running with the keys locked in for 8+ hours, so i can handle embarassment), sleeping in the woods (itchy perhaps) or getting arrested for being in the park after closing (at least i'd get a warm meal and might even make a few new friends). in all cases, at least i'd have had something interesting to blog about. but as is oftne the case, my concerns were unjustified and it worked out ok. despite this, a fairly nerve wracking experience - which will require several coors lights to recover from

karen has made a particulary insightful post as part of her blogathon. i genuinely couldn't have said it better myself. see if you can tell which one i mean.

perhaps it's one of those "don't think about an elephant" kind of things. but ever since karen derided making "finger quotes" in conversation, i've found myself doing it. i was so embarassed when i caught myself yesterday.
thanks karen.

incidentaly, she is participating in a charity blogathon today - visit her site and donate...

hmmm...judging by my blog, hot or not rating, perhaps i could get people to donate if i didn't blog...

a few weeks back david posted his top 10 records of 2002. since it is more or less half way thru the year, but mainly because i have nothing better to write about, i'll do something similar - except, since i don't think i have 10 cds from 2002, i'll extend the scope.

best album of 2002: wayne shorter - footprints live - it's not amazing that shorter's newest is a great record, it is not even suprising that this is his first all-acoustic record in ages. what is amazing is that at this stage of his career, the music is still evolving and he is still stretching boundries. most musicians, regardless of genre, at this point in their careers are content to rest on their laurels or simply have run out of steam.

best concert - wayne shorter - tri-c jazz fest - duh

best book - french revolutions - i am reading this now, an ordinary guy rides the same route as the tour de france a few weeks prior - wickedly funny - a good travel book as well as a cycling book

best movie - i don't believe i have seen a first run movie this year other than kids movies - and even those were not memorable (no shrek this year) - so i guess i'll go with the powerpuf girls movie - pretty cool

best tv: frontier house - annoying 21st century people prove they would have been annoying 19th century people - is the sole raison d'etre of reality shows to make the viewer feel superior to the partcipants runners up: trading spaces, winter olympics (despite ugly nationalism i LOVE the olympics), oln Tour de France coverage (might have made the podium except for pre-empting for hunting shows - i mean is the nra THAT powerful)), reruns of the match game (it is so quaint when they try to be bawdy)

athlete of the year: chris witty - substandard season early on, written off for the winter olympics, found out she had mono, kicked butt for a world record and gold - one of the us's 9 winter and summer olympics athletes. lance armstrong, duh! haven't you've been reading

best commercials: trek bikes - forget the guys name riding thru paris texas asks a cowboy in a drawl "ou est l'effeil tower?" gets directed to a replica

best suv commercials: lincoln navigator

best yoga pose: Urdhva Dhanurasana although : Utthita Trikonasana had a good second quarter

best activity: trail running (reminds me of what i have to do tomorrow)

evil cat of the year: our old white female - she is misanthropic and misfelinthropic

evil dog of the year: dachsund down the street that goes crasy when i skate by. if it ever gets loose it will do some serious damage. perhaps chew thru my laces...

joni mitchell is bbc6 hero of the day - so far have heard you turn me on i'm a radio, coyote and free man in paris is forthcoming. yipee

against my better judgement i added my site to blog, hot or not

rate me at this link and boost my fragile ego

Friday, July 26, 2002

at what point in a man's life, does he wake up in the morning on a warm summer's day, get dressed, put on a shirt and a pair of shorts, reach for his sandals and say - gee, this would look really good with a pair of knee high black socks...

Thursday, July 25, 2002

not much of a nike fan, but this is cool...

i entered the quote "yellow is the flame of one-pointedness" in the "your yellow" selection. we'll see if it gets picked.

joe queenan in this month's gq (the one with the aforementioned vin diesel on the cover) writes in an article about why americans love losers: "toothless, blind, syphilitic and imprisoned in the worst mexican jail, a person can still console himself with the thought:'well, at least i'm not carrot top.'."

for other bon mots check out queenan's book confessions of a cineplex heckler - as funny a book as there is...

outside magazine's website has a great feature on yoga. outside is a great magazine and they have an outstanding website - great content - much of what is in the magazine - just a bit later - way more than a "subscribe to our magazine" kind of site. however, it is still worth it to subscribe as the magazine is better still

kellyanne has an entry of how she hates cats. i was going to comment, but my feelings about acts warrant an entry of my own. i will say, she has some unique reasons. although, i agree with one of her readers who states that perhaps she should hate her friends instead (read her entry)

anyhow, we have three cats and frankly they weren't my idea. i have gone from a pretty much strong dislike to an ambivalence. i genuinely like our big, aging, grey good-natured male (gee, that shouldn't be too hard to figure out why). our young male is goofy - fun sometimes, annoying others and our old female has disdain for everyone - frankly i have little use for her.

i kinda think cats are dumb, but perhaps, they simple our out of place in a domesticated setting. i mean, can i, mr. summa cum laude, track down and kill a bird for dinner using only my paws - er - hands. lately, when they want outside, they want to go outside via a specific door. i think they don' t realize it is the same outside - so one wants to go to "backdoor" outside, while another wants to go to "garage door" outside, etc... it's kind of funny

vin diesel. i don't know much about him, but what a ridiculously macho name...

sliders is back on the sci-fi network - now THERE'S a show that i KNOW really isn't that good - but i love it anyway - yesterday was the episode where the gender roles were reversed - i.e. men were an oppressed minority...this was after the star trek episode where spock was pon-far'ing - and had to participate in the mating ritual which involved he and kirk duking it out (i believe the scene was parodied in the cable guy - terrible movie) - bad tv heaven

anyway - gotta run...tonight's episode is starting...

i was going to write about how today it seemed like my day was like i was watching a movie - not really happening to me, but observing the events detatched and how i have a headache and how i try to deal with depression, but, bloody hell, i'm sick of talking about it and your probably sick of reading it, so i'll write about that which no one tires: music and facial hair...

i got eno's another green world today - another vinyl favorite i never replaced on cd til now. the tangerine dream cd's i got from the library are ok, but i realized today that eno was more along the lines of what i was in the mood for - next need to get taking tiger mountain by strategy...

my latest round of shaving and regrowing my beard has confirmed that my standard beard - i.e. short, trimmed but not shaped is my default facial hair configuration. it is far superior than other possibilities...

clean-shaven uh, socrates or aristotle or some greek once said "knoweth thyself" - well, i knoweth i could use a bit of help in the chin/jaw line area - plus it is too much work to shave every day - one of the greatest disillusionments of my life was when i came to realize that in real life shaving was not like it is in the tv commercials. perhaps i look younger this way, but pretty much everyone in my family likes me better bearded and too much work to shave. with a beard if you miss a day or two - no one notices...

goatee goatees kind of combine the advantages of having a beard and not having a beard (come to think of it, the disadvantages of both as well). i think i look good in a goatee and so does everyone else - so this is a real contender - i think the tie-breaker is the quasi-trendiness associated with goatees. in 82 or 83 when i wore a goatee largely cause the full beard was a little patchy, it was cool... few wore them and i was kind of paying tribute to monk and diz et al - fast forward another 20 years and they are ubuiquitous - so i think that kinda tips the scale

a "shaped" beard too much damn work and looks a little cheesy (at least on me)

mountain man beard also a contender and i slip into this mode periodically - starts to look a bit straggly though and tickles...plus i play with it too much then

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

a fruitful trip to the library yesterday. a couple of coffee table books - one about the TdF and one about the winter olympics - you know, those great books with great fotos that are price prohibitive...

also got some cd's: radiohead's amnesiac, a live ramones greatest hits and a few tangerine dream cd's to bliss out to...

i think amnesiac will take more listens for me to connect with. it's good - i kinda miss the wonderful textures of OK COMPUTER, but records should be judged on their own merit and this one is quite good and has it's own vibe. and it's great that the band is evolving and not content to repeat themselves...

...on the other hand, if you nailed perfect the first time what's the point of evolving... the ramones greatest hits live is a great summary of their career. i never saw the ramones live, but from the descriptions of a friend who has, this cd is fairly representative. virtually every songs starts with the "1-2-3-4" countdown - followed by a barrage of 3 chords for about 2.5 min, then before the song is completely over - another "1-2-3-4" and the next song with perhaps the same 3 chords, repeat etc, etc....transplendent - you either get them or you don't

as god is my witness, today i thought the button on google said "i'm feeling lousy". i need a stinkin' vacation.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002


Monday, July 22, 2002

tv survey

favorite show: red dwarf

hmmm...perhaps i went to the well once too often, can't really think of any questions that aren't retreads of previous surveys - oh well - will give it a rest and try later...

feel free to make up one that i can nick...

most people know who louis armstrong is - and they probably know him as that always smiling, gravelly voiced entertainer. while that is certainly a part of him, in no way is that the most important aspect of him or his career. i would argue that he is the most important musical artist of the 20th centry. and while my mind is not closed on the issue, anyone wanting to change my mind better be prepared for a long and hard debate.

how appropriate that a chief architect (the chief architect?) of the most quintessentially american music should have a birthday of traditionally celebrated on july 4th, although recent evidence indicates that this is probably not actually his birthday (as a native american story teller says, i'm not sure it happened this way, but i know it's true). the jazz/blues river (are they seperable?) has many tributaries. it's influence is felt in popular, rock, hip/hop and even classical music. and louis was right at the source.

while he might not have invented the jazz solo (but maybe he did!), he inarguably lifted it to a level that few (if any) have matched. listen to his trumpet playing - the powerful, expressive tone - no note wasted, each powerful and expressive - the melodic and rhythmic invention...each and every jazz musician owes him a great debt. he was just as innovative vocally - the notion of the voice of an instrument - and the rhythmic innovation was there in the vocals as well. beyond and more important than the technical brilliance, there is the undeniable warmth and humanity in every single note. given the technological limitations of his time as far as recording, he only had a short time to develop his musical thoughts in each solo - yet they are all perfect little gems. certainly there are others who have contributed much to the evolution of jazz and he had some great collaborators, but louis is front and center....

during the turbulent sixties, his jovial, grinning demeanor was criticized by some who thought he should take a more activist stance against injustice. i remember reading somone's insightful response to that though (perhaps wynton marsalis) who said that louis spirit was so large and great that although he felt injustice and poverty deeply in his background, he simply refused to let it break his spirit. how easily it might have been for him to turn hateful or self-destructive - but his gift to us was the warmth of his spirit, in every note. he was a boddhisatva.

if i've piqued anyone's interest - and i hope i have, i urge you to check out his recordings - while on many the recording quality is not up to 21st century standards, the music is way beyond....- any of them are wonderful - louis was a musical alchemist who could turn the lead of pedestrian pop songs into musical gold - but especially check out his hot 5 and hot 7 recordings - for the sound that shook up the world.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

book survey (do i see a tv survey coming...)

what book has most influenced your outlook on life? wisdom of insecurity - alan watts

what books are pure fun? kinky friedman mysteries - piers anthony xanth books

what was the hardest book to get thru? stephen hawking - a brief history of time - salman rushdie - the satanic verses

if you could only read one genre of books what would it be? biography

most inspirational book - lance armstrong's autobiography

what book seems simple, but isn't - thich nhat hahn - peace is every step

do you carry any books with you? pocket translation of the tao te ching in my briefcase and light on yoga by bks iyengar in my yoga bag

which writer's has the most fun with words? salman rushdie/dr.seuss

what book do you like (or think you like) but shamefully have not finished? thoreau's walden, the bible, the bear - rafi zabor

what novel have you read the most times? a catcher in the rye, generation x, the dharma bums

what books do you remember from being a kid? one fish two fish red fish blue fish - dr. seuss...a little older sports bios - jim thorpe, etc...

what is the best autobiography? lance's, miles davis and hh the dalai lama (now there's a dinner party trio)

who is a good read although you disagree with nearly every word? p.j. o' rourke

who do you mostly agree with, but still makes you cringe a bit? james carvell

what was the best book you've read about a subject you don't really care about? fever pitch - nick hornby

who have you read the most books by: hh the dalai lama

weekend of lethargy closes with flurry of activity

went to the pool worked on the backstroke - amazingly i was able to move...it was fun. then, a skate. intense activity can make you forget being depressed and forgetting you are depressed long enough is nearly as good as not being depressed. at the very least, if my knees hurt tomorrow, i'll know why.

blogging etiquette question. since, to my knowledge, emily post has no stand on blogs and ann landers is dead, i'll ask you...

regarding comments: is it appropriate to respond to them? loyal readers will notice i frequently do - perhaps to an excessive, nearly obsessive level. i find that many, if not most other bloggers do not respond to comments. i realize there is no right or wrong here and i'm not criticizing anyone else, but am i intruding on the reader's space by interjecting comments into my own blog -ie. is it an uncool thing to do? not that i will stop as it certainly won't be the only uncool thing i do....

deleting a couple of blog links - they seem to be no longer valid. if the owners visit this site and find them missing, please email or comment the new url's and i will cheerfully add them back...

movie survey time (this only leaves books)

if you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life what would it be? crouching tiger, hidden dragon

who should be forbidden to make movies? adam sandler

which movie has the best music? o brother, where art though?

who is the best cowboy? clint eastwood (also, best cop...)

which movie makes you laugh every time? dr. strangelove

what movie probably isn't that good, but you love anyway? the fifth element

what movie character is most like you? hmmm - a cross between the dude from the big lebowski and kevin spacey's character from american beauty

which movie "suprise ending" did not suprise you? the sixth sense - as god is my witness i had it figured out from the trailer before the movie was out...

what movie should they make a sequel for? none

which actor/actress would you watch a movie for no other reason other than that they were in it? sandra bullock

oh yeah - and my legs still inexplicably still really hurt and i'm still groughy and down...

on the plus side, despite folks who thought it not possible, i replaced our ceiling fan yesterday...

kristina, i suggest you skip this post and head to the radiohead one as i think i already have a fairly good sense of what your comment would be ;-)

another sunday, another morning of gd hunting and fishing shows on oln. like this merde can't wait. today is perhaps the most severe climb of le tour. they've been hyping their live coverage of the 2002 tour since the end of the 2001 tour. it's not as though oln has a lot of high profile events they cover. i mean there is le tour de france and then there is, um, uh....

"when i am king they will be the first against the wall"

small consolation, at least i haven't seem some flannel clad burly bearded mountain man singing love songs to his huntin' dawg - yet...

being perhaps, the last person on this earth to pick up radiohead's OK, COMPUTER, i realize this post is probably 5 years too late. i kind of lost touch with rock music for a number of years (perhaps a topic for a future post - tried writing it today, but was getting incoherent, i mean, moreso than usual). the one attitiude i've always despised is the attitude that "music ain't what it used to be" adopted by many folks my age (as well as those older and even sometimes by those younger) - so i always kind of kept my feet wet in current rock/pop/hiphop whatever the heck you'd call it, without being, shall we say immersed in it. working with some younder colleagues (at that place, they were nearly ALL younger colleagues) brought some new, great music to my attention, including jeff buckley and radiohead - a former colleague was a big radiohead fan, who kind of gave me a radiohead 101 course by bringing in their cd's chronologically over a week or so, so i could get a sense of the bands evolution). i was not completely unfamiliar with radiohead - of course, i had seen them on the top of many polls, which made me curious. i remembered "creep" (which to this day i remember beavis and butthead commenting something like "this guy ought to say to himself 'i am somebody!'" - god, i miss them) and heard some of their other tunes on crappy cleveland radio when it was a little less crappy than it is now. i enjoyed all their cd's OK, COMPUTER about the best - but 1 or 2 listenings is not necessarily enough to really get into it.

so last week, at the used store, i bought OK, COMPUTER and have been listening to it a lot. it reminds me of kind of an updated "art-rock" - say psychedelic era beatles, pink floyd or king crimson (if this was recorded in 1968, i bet it would be dripping in mellotrons - esp. exit music)- keeping in mind for me, that's not a bad thing. the record SOUNDS gorgeous - great textures, great melodies, heartfelt singing. for me, the general feel of a record is perhaps the most important thing - records that create their own little sonic world are the ones i like best and OK, COMPUTER certainly does that. an unfortunate other similarity with the art-rockers of the past is the obliqueness and dare i say pretentiousness, of the lyrics. i mean, are there cliff notes available, somewhere? perhaps i am too left-brained (or is it right-brained) or perhaps i just need time to enjoy them - or perhaps i should simply ignore them (which i often do with records i like musically, but not lyrically) - i guess that's the one thing that keeps this record from being an unqualified success for me. still, it is gorgeous and grows moreso with each listening...

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