Saturday, December 27, 2003

ok - i finally saw the first lord of the rings movie - and i realize this might be the most unpopular opinion i've expressed since admitting jewel and abba - but, imho, i am kinda lukewarm about it. it's not a bad movie and i admit it is technically impressive - but i found it a bit overblown and long winded - and i found the story, which is a bit convoluted from the start, suffered for that reason - i guess that's the point of an epic though...we may watch round 2 tonight...

Friday, December 26, 2003

happy boxing day...whatever that is.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Yahoo! News - Mad Cow Reports Alter Christmas Dinner

not mine...

merry christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Good is Me

"I am good, therefore good is me
He is not me therefore he's not good

I am good, therefore good is me
He's not me therefore he's not good

I am good, therefore good is me
He is not me therefore he is not good

Our norms are good
Good are our norms
Theirs aren't ours
Therefore are not good

Our God is true
True is our God
Their God's not ours
So is not true

Inpossible to consider
Reality of the other
Other people's institutions
Not better or worse than other

I am good, therefore good is me
He's not me therefore he's not good"

-s t e r e o l a b

merry christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

BBC - Radio 1 - Chart -Christmas #1

apparently in the UK, the number 1 song at christmas is a big deal or something...well, i wasn't crazy about this tune first time 'round, and this version isn't as good - to this yank's ear...

a quick scan and i give the nod to #32 - if for no other reason, i'm curious what the "cheeky" version is like - your choice?

ok - i've moved on to listening to craig david and am d-loading some ms. dynamite (thanks bbc6 and tom robinson for introducing me)

it's as funky in here as sonny stitt's dirty drawers....

ok - i can only imagine the snide remarks this post will incite among a certain few of my readers (not to mention any names hmmmmmmmjenmmmmmmkristinmmmmmm), but i'm willing to risk it to get a legit answer from my less snarky readers (uh, assuming they are out there)...

a while back i asked how come some guys hair was all mussed up and it was a valid, nice looking hairstyle whereas mine was merely all mussed up. the consensus, iirc, was that a proper haircut was the key. i believe that is a very valid answer as i have noticed a big difference when i go to one guy - who seems to be a miracle worker as he can give me a good haircut. anyhow, i now move on to part two of the question. how come when my hairdresser musses up my hair w/product it looks better than when i do? i mean, i KNOW he's a trained professional and i, at least in this area, am not. still, does it really take THAT much skill to grab, pull, and muss hair up? my wife has made the same observation about her own hair - she goes to the same guy.

all this being said, i still am looking darned good - even with my own, self-mussed hair.

i know, i'm starting to get a little sad with this hair thing. perhaps this is a midlife crisis. perhaps it is a sign that things are going well for me. i don't know. but I NEED TO KNOW!!!

listening to: The Crusaders' Finest Hour

i believe the youngster might call it "kicking it, old school."

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