Saturday, October 04, 2003

one of the things i like about autumn is being able to wear corduroy. ever the fashion rebel, i love corduroy, which, i'm guessing puts me in the same class as blokes who wear shorts with hard shoes and dark socks ( a great advantage of growing older is you stop caring about it - if anything, you TRY to look less fashionable - i'm going to make a great codger). anyhow one of my pair of cords inexplicably shrunk a great deal hanging in the closet...how coulda THAT happened?

ok folks...i need help. i want to radically change my hair and need suggestions!

i saw part of nbc's coupling and it was unwatchable. given that bbc's version of coupling is a favorite show and being an analytical bloke, i wondered why. a number of theories:

a. the nbc version was a note by note reproduction almost and i've heard all the jokes before

b. naughtiness is funnier with a british accent (could you imagine a US version of benny hill? would it be funny or pathetic? i know how i'm voting. don't ask me why.)

c. i am so used to the bbc characters that the nbc ones are viewed by me as imposters

d. the nbc actors are bad!

i think that perhaps all these thing come into play - but mainly d. ok, sure i've seen the jokes before, but i have watched each episode of the bbc version several times and laugh just as hard each time. the bbc actors seem human and likable - no matter what. the nbc actors seem wooden - like they don't "get" why the show is funny and think it's just about being risque.

any other theories?

Thursday, October 02, 2003

i know what else i was going to say...i dreamt last night that i must have been on one of them makeover shows, because i was looking at myself in the mirror and i was good looking -0 they shaved my beard, gave me a good haircut and gave me contacts instead of glasses. in my dream i still kinda looked like myself - but kind of an idealized - hollywood - version...

i also dreamt that i was going to a party for someone and i yelled "i am not going to another party until someone has one for me!"

hmmm - egomania running wild in dreamland?!

solid precipitation this AM!?
we have gone from crappy summer directly to crappy winter.
i was painstakingly analyzing the precipitation to try and determine if it was hail or snow or sleet. i could handle hail - heck, you get hail in july. but snow?!

anyhow - been cooling down my listening - groovin' to stereolab and D I D O ( that's D-eye-doh, jen) in anticipation of receiving ms. armstrong's (there's one you can't misinterpret, jen) new release....

USA defeats Norway 1-zip

never really liked soccer until i read nick hornby's fever pitch - since then i'm not a big fan - but can get into it at least sometimes

thought i had something more to say - but guess not - it's the weekend - and i switch from brilliant logical cis instructor to slacker grad school student!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

new link: jodiverse - a very witty and well-written blog. bonus points: she loves indian food!

i am officially a geek philospoher!

on a related note: am i do for a site refresh?

an onion classic

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

i saw a flier at a local video store advertising the release of "bend it like beckham" on dvd today (plan to rent it this weekend! saw it in the theater) and it said the stars were Keira Knightly and Jonathan Rhys Meyers and did not mention the STAR of the movie - the protagonist Parminder Nagra. how racist!

tom robinson of bbc6 had on andy white performing in studio today. very nice.

i have discovered that at times i mumble. not necessarily when i'm in "instructor mode" i think i speak very clearly then - but in informal contexts, i find people often mishear - ask me to repeat. i think that is from my own basic insecurity/shyness - aggravated by the fact that i had a speech impediment as a child - which i've beat - but am still a bit unsure/insecure about...

more bad things about meat

i love the quote in the article, "Varki, who is not a vegetarian, noted that many studies have linked a diet rich in meat and milk with cancer, heart disease and other diseases." Like, why is it necessary to state that he is not a vegetarian, to give his study more credibility? as in, hey, this guy is a serious scientist and not some veggie boy, tree hugging kook (or am i oversensitive?)

i swear, if they play the new joe strummer song one more time on bbc6 i'll have to rush out and buy it. i was lukewarm on it the first time i heard it - now i love it - so sad, but a great tune...

oh - the presenter just came on and said the album won't be available until october....and they are going to have a tribute to him on that day. he STILL rocks...

also, just got the shipping notice - new DIDO cd has shipped to me - expect a review when it arrives...the single sounds like more of the same, but it ain't necessarily bad...

my back and knee hurts....

other than that, someone flipped the switch and it's fall here!!!

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