Saturday, August 03, 2002

i have left my .net book on my coffee table, so i will see it frequently and it will mock my laziness whenever i am doing something unproductive. i have also bookmarked the ms tutorial for .net, as after all, books are soooo 20th century and if i can incorporate the tutorials into my web surfing regime, i can learn a little, surf a little, listen to bbc6, and perhaps i'll have a fighting chance. was going to make it my home page, but things aren't that critical. yet. so, i'll stick with the us olympic team's page...

in the "about me" section, i changed the obtuse reference to my birthday from "49 years to the day after lucille ball" to "2 years to the day before michelle yeoh". i think it makes me seem younger and cooler. hey, it's not much, but i need any edge i can get...

suggs (yes, former singer of madness) on bbc6 was noting that it is odd we still call "cd's" "albums". i think the term "album" is appropriate for a collection of songs regardless of medium - as opposed to the terms "cd", "lp", etc which are medium dependent. what do you think, or do you care?

going to try to squeeze some time in this weekend learning .net, as i have to teach it in a few months. wish i could have spent more time this summer on it, but, ya know, it just didn't work out that way. fortunately, i don't need to teach it until the second half of the term.

fluidpudding has a wonderfully witty entry about wanting to be a "rock n' roll girl" when she takes her car in to get an oil change. while being a "rock n' roll girl" has never been one of my goals, i can appreciate the sentiment.

the Which van gogh painting are you? quiz by bethany

Friday, August 02, 2002

i am so wiped out - even a few hours later - was going to have a beer or two tonight, kick back and spend quality time with the remote or internet surfing, now it looks like an early bedtime

snuck home early and skated during the heat of the day. halfway thru kinda bonked - felt drained - legs a little shakey, etc - nothing too serious, just took my good old time getting home and been pounding the gatorade. despite this, i think i love the breathe right®strips despite being the target of mockery among the family unit

Thursday, August 01, 2002

37.5 %

My weblog owns 37.5 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

perhaps there is some truth here - perhaps i need a vacation...

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

thanks to david a list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters from tv guide

i have to say - i love cartoons. a trait i am sure comes to me from my dad - who loved them as well.

and, as lists go, i hafta say this is pretty on the mark. bugs clearly is the michael jordan of cartoon characters - perhaps proven by their collaboration in space jam. while perhaps i'd tweak it a bit, the only ones, at first pass, i think that deserve mentioned that are not there are dexter and the pink panther.

now as far as LAMEST cartoons, the list begins and ends with casper the friendly ghost. he sucks.

i tried breathe right® nasal strips for the first time while skating today. allegedly they can improve athletic performance by increasing the amount of oxygen you get. i have to say, i did feel i was able to breathe more completely with them. whether or not that will translate into improved performance for me, or perhaps, there are other, um, weaker links, in my athleticism remains to be seen. can't hurt though. looks a bit dorky

- and my kids kept asking me why i had tape on my nose, but i can live with that

gave my final presentation of my summer project. it went excellent.

the highlight of my day, however, was the tofu w/ginger & scallions i had for lunch. i am not being facetious. it was excellent.

now, going to pick up a pizza to take to my family at the pool. a new item for my resume:pizza delivery boy

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

well, don't feel much like writing today. just wanted to drop a note in case my loyal readers were worried i was lost in the woods again. will probably just midlessly surf for a while and perhaps make the occasional smart-aleck remark on others' blogs - i think i can muster the energy for that.

do not think, however, i have run out of things to say. future potential topics include:revisiting joni's COURT AND SPARK, last nite's power outage, a great guitarist i bet you've heard, but don't know and the summer faculty lecture series. i just don't have the will...

gee, i'm awful loquacious for someone who doesn't feel like writing...

Monday, July 29, 2002

first rule of parenting: don't be too concerned if you know it'll wash out

inspired by a question from sharon regarding where the quote on the top of my page came from, here are the complete lyrics to a kind of odd, but strangely sweet song from Brian Eno's another green world

I'll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoe)

I'll find a place somewhere in the corner
I'm gonna waste the rest of my days
Just watching patiently from the window
Just waiting seasons change, some day
Oh, oh, my dreams will pull you through that garden gate.

I want to be the wandering sailor
We're silhouettes by the light of the moon
I sit playing solitaire by the window
Just waiting seasons change, ah, ah
You'll see, one day, these dreams will pull you through my door
And I'll come running to tie your shoe
And I'll come running to tie your shoe.

inspired by a recent post by stina, one of my favorite farsides

diva - talent = brat-ney

top 10 suggestions to make the 2003 tour de france more competitive - apologies to david letterman

there was little doubt lance would win the tour de france this year - and he was never seriously challenged. that's cool with me, but perhaps race officials might be thinking of what to do to make next year's race more competitive. since i am so generous, they can use any or all of these suggestions for free - but if they were to put my url on le maillot jaune as a thank you, that'd be cool...

anyhow, the top 10 suggestions for making the 2003 tour de france more competitive

1. every time oln announcer phil ligget says "peloton", lance has to do a shot.
2. lance has to ride a unicycle.
3. replace lance's powerbars with ho-hos.
4. new us postal team trainer: al roker.
5. allow wwe owner vince mcmahon to sponsor a team. they could initially befriend lance and US postal, but later on could turn on him and hire the yellow dressed ingenues to launch a sneak attack on lance during the maillot jaune presentation. (this would have another advantage: set up a pay-per-view rematch)
6. since lance rides for US postal, make him carry a heavy mailbag.
7. hire raimondas rumsas' mechanic to work on lance's bike.
8. make 2003's race a doubles event on tandem bikes. in a "random" drawing lance "mysteriously" draws for his partner suprise entrant: william "the refrigerator" perry
9. in addition to le maillot jaune (yellow jersey) worn by the race leader, institute le armour jaune (yellow suit of armor) worn by all four-time winners
10.allow other teams bikes to have those ben hur thingy's on their bikes.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

it's official, lance takes his fourth consecutive tour de france. while this win did not necessarily have the drama of his 1999 win which underscored the triumph of his cancer recovery - nor the excitement of last years legendary - playing possum/the look stage - what was impressinve about this year was the machine like precision. he had a plan and he and his excellent team went out and executed it nearly flawlessly with everyone else pretty much helpless to stop it.

i started the tour more of a lance fan than a cycling fan and i end it being more of a fan for both. laurent jalabert road a great tour winning the king of the mountains polka-dotted jersey in his last tour.

this blog will return to it's normal programming of hunting and fishing - no wait - that's oln - i mean, skating, what i'm listening to, getting lost in the woods, supta baddhakonasana and of course, soy products

addendum to mid-year 2002 awards:
video of the year: sheryl crow - soak up the sun

one last rant (at least until next year) - sorry kristín

lance will finish his triumphant fourth TdF consecutive win soon. i don't think any american has ever done this - and the entire list of 4 straight winners is small...

oln - the network which has hyped the hell out of their coverage - understandably so - most major event on this network - is showing hunting and fishing shows - so US viewers won't get to see this triumph live - apparently, a handful of big hairy guys in camoflauge can't wait a few hours to learn new and improved ways of blowing the shit out of squirrels....

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