Friday, September 05, 2003

is johnny depp unamerican?

file this in the "who cares one way or another" bin. after all, who expects cogent political commentary from a man with scissors for hands...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

some practical advice

uh, just in case you find yourself behind bars...

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Last Year's Troubles by Suzanne Vega

Last year's troubles are so old fashioned
the robber on the highway the pirate on the seas
maybe it's the clothing that's so entertaining
the earrings and swashbuckling blouses that please

here we have heroes of times that have passed now
but nobody these days has that kind of chin
over there the petticoats of ladies of virtue
you can hardly tell them from the petticoats of sin

last year's troubles

look at all the waifs of Dickensian England
why is it their suffering is more picturesque?
must be cause their rags are so very Victorian
the ones here at home just don't give it their best

last years troubles they shine up so pretty
they gleam with a luster they don't have today
here it's just dirty and violent and troubling

last year's troubles

but trouble is still trouble and evil still evil
sometimes we wonder; is there more now, or less?
if we had a tool or could tally the handfuls
measure for measure it's the same would be my guess

next time someone fwd's you an email, send them this link How some spammers get your e-mail

an adjunct faculty person i worked with died over the weekend. so sad. i saw him most days and even ran into him shopping a few weeks back. and now he's gone forever. how someone can be here one day, then, without warning - gone, is scary beyond words.

Monday, September 01, 2003

rented the enter the matrix video game and i do believe, in the vernacular of our younger folks that it "totally rawks".

and, btw, what a great weekend - great party sat PM, visited friends at a campsite yest. etc...

also, got a lot of work done for the classes i take. it took all the way thru grad school for school to be "fun" - whoulda thunk it...

if anyone has a clue of what i do for a living, please let me know, i have a sneaking suspicion that i have to get back to work tomorrow - but a weekend like this makes you forget it all...

well, being the last person in the western hemisphere never to have seen the movie chicago i decided to rent it (perhaps, there is someone in bora bora or something, where the dvd is not out until next week, or something). i have to say, i had kind of a knee-jerk reaction against it and avoided it for that reason. but, even i am not toatally immune to the wheels of hype and seeing the video on vh1 for one of the tunes got me intrigued. plus (a big plus) catherine zeta jones and renee zellweger are pretty easy on the eyes, so i came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be that horrible and gave it a go - breaking my vow to never see it (i have done that twice before - i.e. vowed never to see a movie, then seeing it , with forrest gump and ghost - ugh - with horrible results). anyhow, i was really suprised. this was a great movie. being a musical actually added to the point of the movie and, in fact, i was suprised the movie actually had a point. it was really well made - esp the cutting between the "real" scenes and the musical ones. it ws a beautiful film to watch. very funny, and fun - i have to say, i stand corrected. sometimes it's ok to believe the hype. i might have to purchase a pre-viewed copy. and in these days of the impeachment hearings, oj, kobe, robert blake - who can argue with the premise. the one thing i can't really imagine is how it would work on stage. the presentation in the movie was so effective, i can't imagine how the stage show would work.

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