Saturday, August 16, 2003

i knew it. thos sick tricks i was bustin' in ssx tricky must have gotten too intense for the power grid.

meet noah levine, a "punk monk"

from zanwat

Friday, August 15, 2003

here's an interview with one of my favorite athletes, chris witty

i have an autographed picture of her. she is one of the few athletes to compete in both the winter and summer olympics. i hope she medals cause to medal in both is rarer still. her gold medal in the salt lake city 2002 winter olympics was the highlight to me. she wasn't performing well prior to the olympics as she had mono that wasn't diagnosed. at the olympics she was coming off mono and no one expected much from her, but she set a world record and won a gold. everything i've read about her indicates she is real cool (with the possible exception of her liking jim carrey movies, including, gasp bruce almighty and the adam sandler movie happy gilmore - of course she makes up for it with muriel's wedding and that great buddhist parable groundhog's day).

to do list...
1. buy UPS for xbox...

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

i saw that buffett was to be arnold's advisor. i immediately, in this celebrity-filled election thought jimmy. imagine my embarassment finding out it is warren.

also, the way i see it, procrastinating work by playing video games is good sensitivity training - make me understand what it is like to be a student.

"I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it." Maya Angelou

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

like jewelry?
why not order some from my friend, gina - a very cool person who makes cool jewelry. it is available online at girly cocktail. go to the accessories page and scroll down until you see gina's work.

*post edited - link fixed *

hmmm, work or go to the pool?
do you even have to ask?

hmmm, work or play ssx tricky?
do you even have to ask?

casually browsing in the record store, i saw the cd, PETER MALICK GROUP, Feat. NORAH JONES / New York City. immediately cynicism reared it's ugly head as this sure smelled like a blatant attempt to cash in on norah's success by releasing anything anyone could find in the vault with which norah was remotely related to. kind of like joan osborne's early recordings, which are interesting to me as a fan to hear how her style developed, but really aren't that great. at least osborne's early recordings did not seem to be too exploitive - just sub-par, unlike some of hendrixes' posthumous releases, which, from what i have read, are both.... well, my curiosity, fueled by some positive reviews found on the internet (and a good price at circuit city) got the best of me and i picked up a copy. and it is good - very good. i still prefer jones' come away with me but this is a very good recording - a bit harder edged and bluesy - and real nice. i was kinda suprised - guess - as my previous jewel quote implied, it does not pay to be cynical. in today's record company climate, i guess it makes sense that a record not being released right away has more to do with it's marketability than it's musical value. a couple of warnings - this is an EP - only about 30 min long - also - on one track norah only sings b/g - and there are two versions of one song - STILL a great record if come away with me left you jonesin' for more norah (couldn't resist)

i just finished syrup by max barry. another great novel, similar in tone to jennifer government which i finished. great satire on marketing, consumerism, capitalism, etc... wow, 2 for 2 for mr. barry - can'tr read what he does next...

well, my gig at nasa is done. start back to school this week - no rest for the wicked. the highlight was dynamically generating graphics in php. i never did any php, so this makes a nice addition to the resume. all in all a great experience - but i am getting the itch to be in the classroom. classes start next week. btw, this will undoubtedly lead to more blog activity.

finally, is it sad to have a crush on a video game character? uh, either way, meet marisol.

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