Saturday, July 12, 2003

ok - i suppose i owe y'all a more complete norah jones review. the concert was spectacular from beginning to end with virtually no low points. she has an amazing voice which is just as good in person as recorded. her set featured many songs from her come away with me cd as well as many new songs and cover versions. she is the real deal. whether she remains popular among the fickle mainstream audience remains to be seen, but she'll be making great music for years to come. besides her talent, what impresses me more is her demeanor - she is a musician - who uses her gifts subtly and with taste and the focus is always on the music. this is rare these days in popular music. a highlight for me was when the bad got in a semi0circle and performed a few bluegrass-y tunes. with her music, the categories go out the window. fine band - even the weather co-operated. it stormed before and after the concert - but was nearly rain free (except for the last couple of tunes) for the whole show. saw it at an outdoor venue on the banks of the cuyahoga river. she is already among my favorite singers...

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

the norah jones concert was everything i could have hoped for - the best concert i've seen in ages - not to contradict chuck d and flavor flav, but in this instance BELIEVE THE HYPE... i will post a more complete entry about it later - but i am exhausted due to a late night a v little sleep due to horrible thunder storms early in the AM - and i also need to spend some quality time with my x-box - besides my insurance man is coming soon - joy!

Sunday, July 06, 2003

jamie oliver kind of mood

oh yeah - and with all the excitement i keep forgetting i am going to see norah jones tomorrow night - at an outdoor venue - one of my favorites (if the weather co-operates)

blogcurry ®

for once my lack of entries is due to too much activity as opposed to too little...

so anyhow:
to those who responded to the previous post by saying pizza is a food group. you are wrong and sadly do not understand nutrition. it is all the food groups: dairy (cheese), vegetables (you can have spinach, jalapenos, etc...), fruit (yes, tomatoes are actually a fruit - so, i am told), grain (flour for the crust) and for you carnivores, meat (if pepperoni counts - god knows what is in it).

we went to cedar point, the famous amusement park with the world's fastest coaster on the 4th. i don't really like amusement parks, so i took one for the team and watched took the kids around whenever the various grownups went on rides. my oldest daughter does some, but not all, of the grown up rides - my youngest daughter is very timid. was a fun day overall though - great people watching...

more my kinda fun was the new x-box i bought - i have been very frugal and responsible with my summer income - saving, paying bills, etc..but the x-box was one of a handful of indulgences. for the life of me, my doctor should have prescribed this for my depression - more effective and in the long haul, probably cheaper, than medication. my first game was legends of wrestling 2 and, yes, emily, baron von raschke is included!

lastly, i have to get a cd by the deftones. to my knowledge, i have never heard them, but in a recent issue of blender (purchased cause jewel was on the cover and interviewed, ok, i admit it, i am shallow and a loser, now get off my back - but hey, even liz phair said that summer is not the time to be deep), the deftones bassist recommends 5 books and three are my favorites (dharma bums, zen mind. beginner mind and something by tom robbins) - one i read parts and kinda liked (fear and loathing in los vegas) and haven't read the other (something by bukowski - an author i've heard good things about)

anyhow, i MUST go to yoga tonight. i want to be buddha-like - but not the inaccurate, but common, large bellied version you see in cheap chinese restaurants...


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