Friday, October 04, 2002

in perhaps the best news i've heard all week, the new cd by badi assad and jeff young is now available on their website. badi was named one of the artists of the decade by acoustic guitar magazine and is among my favorite musicians ever. no one is like her. two of her records: solo and rhythms are among my favorite recordings, and her most recent prior to the new release, chameleon, showed her expanding her palette. it's been 3 years since her last release, so needless to say i'm excited. as far as ordering a copy, as spicolli might say, "i'm there, dude!"

Thursday, October 03, 2002

my youngest daughter does not have any homework, so she is making up homework for herself and doing it.
heck, she can help me with mine....

hmmm...thinking about the previous post where:
a. americans tend to like humor where someone is depicted as being stupid
b. ducks are funnier than other animals

is it any wonder the popularity of the cartoons where bugs bunny puts daffy duck thru the ringer...

about to continue working on my paper, after a quick nap, only procrastination included:
a. writing this entry
b. choosing music....settled on ornettology by ralph peterson's fo'tet

oh yeah, i need to check to see if dido has released any new music...i loved her first cd - great naptime music and i mean that in a good way...

professor finds world's funniest joke as well as generalizations about different nationalities sense of humor. i genuinely laughed out loud at the joke, so he might be right! additionally, he found that duck jokes seem to be funnier than jokes involving other animals - must be so cause i'm grinning already.

i found this via google's new news service they hype no human editors...done by scanning different news sources...

Wednesday, October 02, 2002


Tuesday, October 01, 2002

felt real cooped up, so managed to take a quick skate around campus between my own office hours and the class i am attending (which starts in about 1/2 hour). unseasonably warm today, so i didn't go too hard or too long (don't want to be too malodorous for my fellow classmates - might impede their educations), but enough, perhaps, to at least partially make up for missing yoga class again tonight.

i'm currently wrapping up THE IMMORTAL CLASS: BIKE MESSENGERS AND THE CULT OF HUMAN POWER by travis hugh culley. culley was(is?) a bike messenger in chicago. this book gives good insight into that hectic job as well as some interesting social commentary. it also serves as a portrait of chicago. a good book - although the guy can be a bit full of himself at times...

Monday, September 30, 2002

besides accomplishing something amazing, i like this guy's style.

i'm having one of those "how can i be two days behind when it's only monday and i thought i was all caught up last friday" kind of days...

tv nirvana last night.
alias and the sopranos are perhaps my two favorite current tv shows and they are shown at the same time. after considering a myriad of factors too long to enumerate, i decided to watch alias and tape the sopranos...

while i'll be the first to admit alias star jennifer garner is easy on the eye, the show is much more than that...a stylish, smart and sexy spy show with more twists than most yoga classes i attend. last night, they did a neat little plot summary for those new to the show - or those who may have forgotten over the summer. they also kinda paid tribute to two classics, if you will...the aforementioned sopranos (does anyone else see sydney visiting a shrink as kind of a playful tribute to the sopranos - esp. given they share a time slot) and of course pulp fiction's adrenaline to the heart bit (i have to say, the first time i saw that scene in pulp fiction, i closed my eyes - first time i did that in a movie, since, probably, i was six and was scared by the flying monkeys in the wizard of oz - which STILL creep me out, btw)...anyhow, there were the obligatory, sydney going undercover and wearing disguises - cool hair color/provocative outfits - that alias fans know and love so well. lena olin has potential as sydney's evil mom - is she related to former 30something ken olin who produces alias - there was another 30something cast member also in alias last night, the shrink

then the sopranos - memorable characters and some of the best dialouge ever...the gary cooper discussion near the end leaps to mind...

Sunday, September 29, 2002

probably the sweetest person i know, a former co-worker, invited my family over today, first to lunch (wonderful homemade pizza) and then to a stable where she rides. my girls, which love horses, had the time of their lives. got to ride, feed, brush, etc the horses. they also got to see one of the most seldom seen sites in the universe - me on a horse.

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