Friday, January 10, 2003

wow...in all the hubbub, i forgot to see who this year's sportsman of the year was. anyone who has read my blog since, say, july, will know i am happy...big enuff hint?

friday five

1. Where are you right now?
reading the lamest friday five. ever.

2. What time is it?
check the time stamp.

3. What are you wearing?
wouldn't you like to know.

4. Any people or animals around you? Describe them.
define "around"

5. What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, January 09, 2003

from esquire
what i've learned:
robert deniro: there's no such thing as not being afraid.
ice cube: anything that got to do with a pig, i ain't eatin'.
garry shandling: buddha didn't get married because his wife would have said "what, are you going to sit around like that all day?".
ted kennedy: there are too many people being left behind and left out.
heather locklear: keep it simple, stupid.
summer redstone: if the company is pleasant, the wine gets better.
the san diego chicken: god? i'm sure there is one, and i hope he likes me.
chuck barris: one day you wake up and you're as old as shit.
buzz aldrin: the final frontier may be human relationships, one person to another.
george martin: if you have heroes, it's better not to meet them.
gerald ford: i don't go to the movies to get a social lesson. i go for entertainment.
ralph steadman: i hate mineral-water freaks. drink from the tap and take what's coming to you.
carrie fisher: resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
siegfried and roy. wear the cape; never let the cape wear you.
john wooden: be more concerned with your character than your reputation.
phillip johnson: pick very few objects and place them exactly.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

grammy nominations are kind of bizarre, a lot of the "flavors of the month" along with some has-beens - just the kind of folks you'd expect be nominated by those who only have a passing familiarity with music...

...and then there is norah jones. had i bought 10 records from 2002, she'd have placed high on my top ten of 2002 (perhaps behind only wayne shorter). she is a rare bird - a young pop/jazz singer who seems to rely on subtley, sensitivity and musicality as opposed to bombast or image. easily the most promising new artist of 2002 in my book.

however, i have mixed feeling hearing she is nominated in so many categories. and it's not the usual case of resentment that occurs sometimes in fans of "cult" musicians who achieve some degree of popularity. all my negative thoughts are irrational to be sure. first of all, there is the grammy curse (think milli vanilli) i am not superstitious, but look at the "best new artist winners" recently and it kind of makes you think. secondly, seeing the recent grammy coronations of santana and steely dan has made me a bit sick of those two artists that otherwise i love. the difference here though is norah's album, unlike the ones that won for santana and the dan) actually deserves the praise and it isn't some kind of make up call by the academy who unjustly ignored their earlier, great work.

maybe if she wins just enough to give her proper recognition and not so many that she is spoiled by it. and definitely not the new artist award...

Monday, January 06, 2003

the bad news: a section of a class i enjoy teaching was cancelled
the good news: i am still teaching another section of it and the cancelled section was replaced by a special introduction to microcomputer applications for displaced workers - this is good in 2 ways: first of all, i have taught this course before to displaced workers and it was an extremely good and rewarding experience. the other good news is that this class runs 5 days a week for 6 weeks - so the first 6 weeks of the term, i'm going to have to work real hard - after this class is finished i'll have a relatively light load - and typically the first 6 weeks of full term classes aren't that hectic...

update: just a bit sore from yesterdays yoga - mainly the shoulders - also a bit in the lower back. more concerned about a tumbple i took when my feet got caught in a tableclothe and i drashed on my already tender knees

reading: on stina's recommendation i am reading terry pratchett's the color of magic from his discworld series. have not yet encountered the character i allegedly resemble

new link lyanna
her entry today is a beautifully optimistic one - just what i needed this AM

Sunday, January 05, 2003

saw an ad for la-z-boy furniture and remembered a seinfeld bit where he notes that la-z-boy is the only product whose name openly insults their customers.

new link: emily

90 minutes of yoga was not as tough as i thought it would be - given the irregularity of my recent practice - though i did have to tap out of suptavirasana - but that was cause of my bum knees more than being out of shape - stay tuned tomorrow to see if i feel the same - holidays are over - back on the straight and narrow - and i hope some semblance of normalcy - which other circumstances may limit...

loyal readers will recall that sunday evenings throughout the fall had our two favorite tv shows: alias and the sopranos. typically we would watch alias and taped the sopranos which we watched immediately after alias. now we have a different tv issue as tonight is the premier of oz - a show i kind of like, but at times gets a bit rough for me. my wife, on the other hand, loves it - she tends to like more gruesome shows than i do. so i think we will each watch our respective shows, and i will tape alias for her to watch later - of course it's also the premier of the dead zone tonight too - another one she likes...

last official day of vacation (i think). the term starts for faculty either monday or tues with classes starting next monday, but the first few days are "flex" days, which means i don't have to be on campus. i am kind of looking fwd to getting back to school, but by the same token i know very quickly i am apt to be overwhelmed...

need to get back on the straight and narrow re: diet, exercise, yoga practice - i kind of took a holiday from them and i feel it. i get the sense i did not make the best use of my vacation, but who knows - maybe vegging out what what i needed to do - if you buy the "listen to your body" thing....

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