Saturday, April 05, 2003

i think everyone must blog while goofing off at work/school - blogland is quiet on the weekend...

shopping trip - total success.
3 shirts - two plain (green, blue) , one striped (yellow - w/blue stripes)
2 pairs of pants (brownish, dark blue black)
total cost: approx $70USD - within my budget

then various food-y kinds of items at the world market including (what i hope to be) some killer salsa and terra chips

also, managed to get in dinner at panera bread. they have a new veggie sandwich and they were nice enough to have a sign that warned that the default sauce (cucumber) contained gelatin which might not be appropriate for some vegetarians and suggested a substitute (pesto mayo) - which i, of course, took instead of the hoof-based sauce. patronize panera cause they care about their customers. if you don't care about that, patronize them anyhow cause they have great food. feeling saucy because of my shopping successes, i even declined my usual favorite (veg black bean soup) and had the morrocan tomato lentil - which was very good, but could have been killer had they not held back on the spices - i.e. had their spice-phasers set on kill, instead of stun...

has anyone here seen my good friend martin (1 day late)

Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

In the name of love
What more in the name of love

i need some new clothes and i can't spend a lot of money. any suggestions? the clothes need to be appropriate for teaching; often described as *wince* business casual. yes, and i know thoreau said beware of any new enterprise that requires you to purchase new clothes. while there is an element of truth there, teaching is not a NEW enterprise; been at it for a year and despite thoreau's high handed philosophizing, it is reasonable to have a few outfits to wear and the law of entropy states that all things fall apart and recently, entropy has run amok in my wardrobe. besides, one doubts, despite his unquestionable contribution to literature and american thought, whether thoreau was a lot of fun to hang out with: to go have a beer with. besides, he'd dead.

right now, i'm leaning to kohl's or maybe target or maybe ordering from land's end. land's end is probably the best of the lot - but also most expensive, can't try things on and i must delay my gratification until the shipment arrives.

stinkin' rain. if it were nice out, i'd be out skating and the thought of new clothes would never even enter my mind. maybe it will clear up later...

Friday, April 04, 2003

just got off the phone. ordered digital cable. main reason

anyone with strong anti-arab or anti-moslem feelings should read this

interesting trivia: two seminal bands, the velvet underground and the grateful dead, were previously known as the warlocks in their earlier days. there is, apparently, a new band named the warlocks, bbc6 is playing samples of their new album - perhaps, they are only a name change away from legend status

against my better judgement, friday five
perhaps this will spur some irrelevant interesting discussion

1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?

2. Which was your favorite and why?
3 way tie - the only one not in the list is the one we rented right as we were married - no emotional attachment to that house

3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?
stressful - how could anyone think it exciting - too many details

4. What's more important, location or price?
obviously must be balanced, right - no matter how great a location is, gotta make the payment every month

5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?
woods with paved path for skating, dirt path for running, ice skating pond, high-speed internet connection, big screen tv, guiness on tap and a ping pong table

Thursday, April 03, 2003

heard a cut from this cd on bbc 6 today. this is easily some of the most beautiful music i have heard in ages...the presenter described it as an orchestral version of the cocteau twins - but i found that a bit misleading - the vocalist was stellar...

microsoft to take on google

from article: "We believe that we can provide consumers with a better product and a better user experience. "

no they can't. google understands that when i go to a search engine, i don't want a "user experience" - i want to find what i am looking for.

pop quiz: name a m$ designed interface that is as good as google - take all the time you want...

later in the article, some believe m$ search engine will charge for search placement - google's does not - a primary reason for google's credibility

as the article implies - when your name becomes a verb, you know you're on to something

edwin starr dies - best known for song war (what is it good for)

totally random thought, but wasn't it great when on seinfeld, jerry convinced elaine that the original title for the novel war and peace was war: what is it good for, claiming that's where the song got it from...

new link: conceit

btw: a note to anyone commenting - with this commenting, to get the link to your url to work, you must preceed it with http://

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

i caught the last 1/2 hour of a documentary on pbs in the american masters series about joni mitchell. oddly enough, my brother and i were just chatting today about how mitchell is among one of the finest artists of the "rock era" (to paraphrase casey kasem) and very underrated to boot -she is the archetype for singer/songwriters, confessional lyricists, genre hoppers as well as artists who grow and evolve - there are not enough superlatives for her - catch the documentary if you can - i gotta see when i it will be replayed in it's entirety - or listen to some of her greatest works - such as....anything she recorded! (though my personal fave is hejira)

hmmm...posting this for no particular reason - hmmmm

more incontrovertible evidence of spring: yoga on the deck. tree pose among the trees

and now for your pleasure - courtesy of jon hendricks - the lyrics to the appropriately titled: sing joy spring

We sing a spring
(Sing joy spring)
A rare and most mysterious spring
(This most occult thing)
Is buried deep in the soul
(It's story never has been told)

The joy spring, the fountain of pleasure
Is deep inside you whether you're diggin' it or not
Once you're aware of this spring
You'll know that it's the greatest
Treasure you've got
And furthermore
The joy spring, the bounteous treasure
Cannot be bartered away and never
Can be sold
Nothing can take it from you
It's yours and yours alone to have
And to hold
And something more:
It never is lost to fire or theft
It's always around
When trouble is gone the pleasure
Is left I've always found
It's burglar-proof same as the treasure
Man lays up in heaven worth a
Price no one can measure
that says a lot
So joy spring this fountain of pleasure
That's deep inside you let me inform
You in all truth *(to Coda second time)
Ponce de Leon sought this
When he was searchin' for the fountain of youth

Ol' Ponce de Leon laughed so much he
Never did find the magic fountain
But many people with a well-adjusted
Spirit they could hear it when y'told
'em it was there tellin' them was
Like tellin' it on the mountain

It's quite a lift havin' the gift of
laughter I'm a man who knows in a
minute I can tell y'just exactly how the story goes
It involves a firm conviction in another
previous life givin' your mind a chance to fly
Fly aroun' the universe investigatin' other
galaxies n' certain other subtle
types o'life tryin' t'dig it gettin'
pretty well-acquainted with a lot of
other strife an' pretty much acquirin'
yourself plenty of education
pretty soon here comes earth birth
'n then y'ready t'put it all t'work
but soon as you're finished bein' born
you start forgettin' what you knew
'Cause you're another kinda you - a
reincarnation manifestation
of spirit in sensation

Y'really got that right
The average person isn't bright
not so bright that they recall the fatal fall
down here t' this earth
their minds disguise their death to spirit
life and call it birth
that's their reason for forgetting and they
find it very upsetting when reminded
tell 'em they've lived before
They'll show y' the nearest open door
Gotta have feelin' while dealin' with
walkers in their sleep
they can't imagine somethin' as deep

Here they come - here they come - there they are
Unimaginative and ignorant of falling from a star
Here they come - there they are - there they go
Life is over in a minute an' they never dug
it in it or enjoy a minute of it
'cause they put too much above it
that was gross
somethin' that was worth a couple bucks
at mos'

So there is the reason that the maker of man
included there in his plan
A certain fountain deep within'
where there was laughter, youth 'n gold
for human beings t'have 'n hold
'n share the memory of where we've all been

Brothers called Grimm knew chances were slim'
Anybody would dig that the human soul
was Snow White
and the Seven Dwarfs were seven tempers
in man
whose digging out the gold completes
the plan
An Bacon was hip that Shakespeare
couldn't read
and so he gave him all the rhymes
that have lasted through the years
and kept eternal truths alive through
several centuries
That's how we know them now
they lasted 'cause they're true

What was it from MacBeth?
"Life's but a walking shadow
a player poor
that struts and frets upon the stage
and's seen no more
A tale that truly has an idiotic ring
That's full of lotsa sound and fury
signifying nothing..."

That's right signifying nothing
I'll repeat it! Nothing
Don't forget it - Nothing
And that's the reason for that spring
of joy
That the Father put inside of every
single girl and boy

Show time! Everyone's on
let's hit the stage
It's show time everyone an' proceed
to act your age

Whatever you're frownin' at is funny
enough f'laughin'
so you're wastin' all your humor on a frown
While you're bringin' your spirit down

You gotta book yourself a comic in your act
without some laughter life's a maudlin
farce 'n that's a fact

Once you know about the spring you always can smile
It becomes your one expression
and you're always wearin' it like the
Buddhas do

(Repeat Intro to *)
Ponce de Leon sought this
When he was searchin'
for the fountain of youth
I say in truth he
sought a magical thing
For he was searchin'
for the joy spring

getting ready to skate my wife asked (jokingly) if i should boycott my skates because they are made by a french company (salomon). i was curious how she knew salomon was french, she said she got an email listing french companies. i said no, i would not boycott, based on a number of factors:

immediately i realized that i was being unpatriotic and short sighted - and i offered to boycott them IF i could purchase a new pair of 5 wheeled skates from k2 (swiss, i think - good neutral country) or rollerblade (USA, i think)

nutella is italian - are they on our side

anyhow, had a nice littel skate - very windy - but that does give a good workout. the wind was nice enough to be against me for the first half/with me for the second - giveing me the needed boost for the home stretch. i was followed, for a bit, by the sheriff. i am sure he was just being careful - didn't want to pass me - but it would have been sweet if he was clocking me - that'd be one ticket i'd GLADLY pay

this just in

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

i found a previously undiscovered buckle on my skates today - around the ankle cuff. previously i have always had a bit of a problem getting the ratchedy-thing tight enough. with this buckle, that is no issue and i got them tight. i swear - i was flying - even into the wind - the tightness insures all the force of my push goes into my push - as opposed to just moving the top of my boot around...

i alternately feel thrilled by my discovery and foolish it took me so long to figure it out...

for my daughter's recent birthday, we got her justin timberlake's new cd, justified. she has been an n sync fan, so we thought she'd like it. i have never really given n sync a second thought. while many blast this style of pop and "boy bands", for me, i am perfectly willing to admit that they're not my cup of tea (i am not in n sync's target demographic, after all) - but they do seem to serve their constituency quite well - they are appropriately poppy, cute, danceable and sappy.

at any rate, the other day my daughter wanted to listen to the cd in the car while we were going somewhere. i agreed - why not? i must say i was shocked. this is easily the best cd i've heard this year - any genre and is my early pick for the best record of the year. timberlake's vocals have matured to the point where comparisons to al green or marvin gaye are not out of the question. the real suprise, though, is lyrically - many of the lyrics are inspired by justin's breakup with britney spears. they are among the most touching, thoughtful and at times scathing lyrics i've heard in ages - reminscent of dylan at his best.

i know some of you are scoffing - but have you actually heard the record? - all of it? remember, the beatles came a long way from "she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah" to sgt. pepper or abbey road. timberlake has made a similar transition. what an amazing record!

Monday, March 31, 2003

in a recent post emily revealed an interesting fact about herself that i did not know before. her godfather is wrestling legend baron von raschke. as i could not restrain my glee, in my comment to her i also revealed something that might not be obvious - i was a pro wrestling fan and indeed, remember him

i know, i know - pro wrestling is dumb - real dumb. and much of it is very non-PC and possibly even offensive at times - and it's much worse now than it's ever been (at least certain aspects). and i guarantee there are not many yoga practicing vegetarians that are big fans. i really don't watch it anymore (much...), but thinking about old time pro wrestling does really give me a very pleasant, nostalgic feeling - oh well, perhaps another post...

anyhow, a minnesota brewery is having a contest to select a favorite local legend and herr von raschke is nominated. far be it from me to encourage any of you non-Minnesotans to vote (*wink, wink*) but here is the page where you can vote for the baron and i know you'll do the right thing!

Sunday, March 30, 2003

experimenting with new comments...

half way thru my morning skate, i realized it was not just my lean, yet muscular thighs propelling my long, strong, smooth stride. as i turned to head home, i was hit in the face with a strong, steady, COLD breeze. it's winter's last gasp today - right now about 30 degrees. i don't mind skating in the cold as long as it is dry. it is even invigorating. and normally i check for the wind - but today it didn't seem breezy and apparently my ego was willing to take full credit for my speed. had i known how windy it was, i still probably would have skated (coming off our horrible winter gotta make up for lost time), but probably would not have gone so far. anyhow, i made it back (obviously - though i did mentally gauge what my wife's reaction would i have been had i called her and got her and the kids out of bed to come by and pick me up - decided fairly quickly things weren't that desperate (anyhow, i didn't have my phone)). especially skating into the wind, one ought to be in a skater's tuck - but that is a hard position to maintain - and i had done much of the first part of the skate in that position (why not, i was FLYING!!!) and my back muscles were cramping.

still was worth it - i often take naps after cold weather skates like this and i never rest better - feel so completely relaxed - and sore - pass the advil!

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