Saturday, June 15, 2002

as god is my witness, i swear we are having a bit of light snow, freezing rain, sleet or something of that category of precipitation

it's the middle of stinkin' june for chrissakes!

undeterred i am hitting the trail anyway...

btw - at the y on the bulletin board devoted to gymnaastics i saw a flier for a team for men 35 and over - vivid, unpleasant images of pot-bellied men trying to do cartwheels flew thru my head til i read more closely and saw it was for a basketball team. thank god.

was just commenting how side 1 of steely dan's aja (black cow, aja, deacon blue) is the PERFECT album side and realized that "album side" is an obsolete concept. for those of you who don't know what an album side is, ask an older friend...

i saw 2 birds chasing a squirrel. it was the funniest gd thing i've seen in my life, 'tho i suspect the squirrel has a different view...

also, note to spammers: just because i shaved does NOT mean i'm going bald! now stop it!!!

blog changes largely inspired by recent review: added some personal info and dropped the superfluous tag board...couldn't bring myself to clean up the links...

Friday, June 14, 2002

i am going to substitute for my yoga teacher at our tues evening class. i am excited about this for a number of reasons - mainly because a few years ago me teaching a yoga class would have seemed completely unlikely. while i am under no pretense that i am a "yoga teacher", i do feel capable of leading this class as a substitute. i would like someday to do more teaching. i am a bit nervous - but as with most things - preparation is the best way to hold off the nerves, so i'll be working on my plan for the class over the next few days..

as is becoming a weekly ritual, i stopped by the used record store - today's purchase - zappa!

my site was reviewed in the weblog review. all in all, i thought it was a very fair review and may implement some of the suggestions as i come into some time. i will add a link to their page to my "rather cluttered" links section 'cause they asked nice...

besides aesthetic reasons, i remember another reason why i had a beard for so long - laziness - as in "i hate to shave"...

Thursday, June 13, 2002

watching shrek on hbo. how cool is a kid's movie where the villain is named "farquaad"?

the local news teaser spoke of a controversy concerning the new scooby doo movie. not willing to fall for their ploy and watch their stinkin' news program, i decided to find out for myself. after 2 minutes of, um, extensive research, i found that perhaps the controversy being referred to is only thinly veiled drug and sex humor, much of which, ultimately got cut from the final version. thank god if this is the case, as i feared the controversy was about that little son of a bitch (literally) scrappy doo making an appearance.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

glory be - if that isn't the unmistakeable tones of terje rypdal on bbc3 (unless i'm mistaken) - he kix major glutes...wonder if this is something gnu? don't recognize it...terje records for one of my fave labels ecm

also - great article on the front page of the onion about ted nugent...also notable is this one and this one

happy 61st chick corea

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

one of the brightest new artists i've heard recently is india.arie. i saw her as an opening act about a year ago and i didn't know anything about her at the time, but her wonderful performance won me over. i hear maybe some stevie wonder, maybe some bill withers in her, but hey, she's her own artist and one listen makes any comparisons not necessary. her cd is called acoustic soul and that's a very descriptive title. hearlfelt singing, intelligent lyrics and cool/subtle arrangements. frankly, i'm glad someone out there still makes records like this...

i haven't been gone from a standard desk 9-5 job for that long, but re-adjusting to that kind of work is harder than i thought. feel like i'm on a treadmill or something...

Sunday, June 09, 2002

saved by ted

just when i was in despair about this eve's tv selection, turner classic movies showed dr. strangelove - one of my two or three favorite movies ever - which gets better with each viewing- and i feel kubrick's best - hey i hear "thus spake zaruthustra" are they playing 2001 - is this a kubrick festival?

sunday night tv blues haiku

what! no alias,
nor six feet under. gadzooks!
how much can i take?

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